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White water rafting at the National White Water Centre means taking on the challenging Afon Tryweryn; you and your crew will be swept through crashing waves and boulder strewn rapids on this fast flowing Welsh mountain river.  Rafting sessions range from a fast paced and exhilarating ride on the grade 3-4* Upper Tryweryn to a relaxing river journey on the grade 2-3 Lower Tryweryn. Or if you fancy the best of both worlds...the whole 7km from Llyn Celyn Reservoir to Bala on our longest raft run! 

Before running the rapids you will be kitted out in safety equipment and wetsuits.  Your raft guide will brief on rafting techniques and have you practising safety drills in preparation for your rafting adventure!

*White water is graded from 1 to 6. Grade 1 is gentle flowing water, Grade 6 is un-runnable!


blue raft white water small Upper Tryweryn Rafting Sessions - graded 3-4 - One mile of the best white water!                          

Rafting Full Session - our most popular session for groups and individuals, ages 12 and up, 2 hours approx. Usually 4 runs of the river. From £66 per person or from £280-£350 per raft.

Rafting Taster Session- suitable for small groups and individuals, ages 12 and up, 1 hour approx. 2 runs of the upper river. From £32 per person.


sam w and k safari smallLower Tryweryn Rafting Sessions - graded 2-3
 - 4 miles of fun rapids!  

Tryweryn Safari - suitable for families, ages 10 and up, 1 and 1/2 hours approx. One 6km run of the river to Bala. From £44 per person.

Tryweryn Special- suitable for small groups, ages 14 and up, 2 hours approx. One 7km run of the river including the Upper Tryweryn. From £300 per raft. For more information please call 01678 521083

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